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The Jove Detector Holder

     The most perfect of crystal holders

Holds one or two different crystals of any form at once without the use of a clamp-screw

A sensitive point of either crystal quickly found, the correct pressure held constantly without moving a single screw or nut.

Beautifully completed and mounted on dark glazed porcelain.

This detector was made by the J. H. Bunnell company circa 1916, and was known as the "Jove" detector. Bunnell was the largest U.S. manufacturer of telegraph equipment, and as wireless telegraphy came into widespread use, they expanded into that realm, though they were never a major player in that market.

Here advertising example from the magazine of QST №1 for 1916, then the detector of "Jove" costed only 1$.

The Jove Detector Holder

J.H.Bunnell & Co., Incorporated
32 Park Place-Broadway Block
New York

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