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Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit

     Build a nostalgic radio with a real vacuum tube and explore the airwaves as they did in the 1930's! Historic technology comes to life again with 30 engaging experiments. Assembling this radio is a fun project for radiomen, tinkers and gadget-buffs of all ages. Once your radio is up and running, hunting for radio transmissions becomes a fun challenge. While learning how the radio works, you will discover the fundamental parts of electrical circuits. The radio is pre-wired for easy assembly. Users need only to plug in the various components, attach an antenna and a ground wire, and make tuning adjustments to get the radio working. The wooden base is beautifully finished with a polished cherry stain and golden labels for an authentic look. The vacuum tube glows with a soft orange glow when you are using it!
Instructions, experiments and additional configurations for the radio are described in the 32-page full-color experiment manual. A double triode allows for experiments with different circuits. Just switch the coils to tap into different wave bands: one coil for AM frequencies and one for shortwave.
Transport yourself back to the early days of radio, and become a real Radio Ace!

32-page Manual - 30 Experiments

Radio ACE Vintage Radio Kit

Contents: Experiment Manual - Pre-wired wooden base - vacuum tube - Medium wave coil - Shortwave coil - antenna wire - ground wire - headphones - radio dial sheets - attachment screws - washers
Requires 8 AA batteries (not included).

Box Size: 14.50in (36.83cm) x 11.50in (29.21cm) x 6.00in (15.24cm)

Recommended for ages 12 and older.

Weight: 3 lb 4 oz ( 1.47 kg )

This product has been discontinued

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