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     Greenleaf Whittier Pickard invented the crystal detector in 1906. This crystal set kit was named after him in his honor. The original Pickard Crystal Set Radio Kit was designed for a Rice University class on Amateur Radio for eight-to-twelve year olds that was presented at the Houston, Texas, Museum of Natural Science. This is an improved version of that kit. High quality parts are used throughout. The pre-drilled routed base board is made from clear furniture grade pine that can be stained for an attractive vintage look. The pre-punched coil form is made from heavy cardboard shipping tubing like the Uncle Al's crystal sets of the 1920s. This material will stand up to practically anything imaginable. A solid spring brass rod is used for the tuning slider. It will not bend or loose its tension. A black flaired knob has been added to contribute to the vintage appearance. The 1N34A Germanium crystal detector is hand selected and tested for greatest sensitivity. Nickel plated brass fahnestock clips are used for all connections. A current path resistor is used for the earphone for best volume and fidelity. A ceramic capacitor in the tuning circuit provides great selectivity for a slider tuned crystal set. A sensitive ceramic earphone is included with the kit. All parts, screws, washers, sandpaper, and wire are included in this fine quality kit. This crystal set far outperforms the cheap cardboard & plastic kits that are presently available in stores, catalogs, and on-line. This is a quality kit that a kid can build today and show to his grandkids many years from now. The easy-to-understand instructions were designed for beginners. This is the perfect kit for Cub Scouts and all other kids no matter what their age! No soldering is required. Nothing else to buy except an outside antenna kit that is available from us for $19.95. This radio also performs exceptionally well with the Radio Shack Speaker Amplifier we sell for $14.99. The Radio Shack Speaker Amplifier requires an adapter cable we sell for $4.95.

Complete kit including all parts and a sensitive ceramic earphone and easy to follow instructions:

Source: http://www.xtalman.com/kits.html

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